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Since grad school is sucking my reading time up with textbooks, I have only been able to read a few “fun” books since January. So it should come as no surprise that Lisa Clark O’Neill’s latest in her Southern Comfort series was at the top of my list. Read on to see what I thought of the fifth installment in one of my favorite suspense series…

Obsession cover

Publication Date: February 5, 2014
Length: 520 pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Southern Comfort, Book 5
Publisher: Self-Published
Source & Format: Review copy provided by the author; digital
Official Summary
Trauma surgeon Justin Wellington is accustomed to handling gunshot wounds… just not over his Cobb salad. When a lunch date with his best friend, the woman with whom he’s quietly and desperately in love – homicide detective Kathleen Murphy – becomes the scene of a drive-by shooting, Justin’s surgical skills are called upon to save the life of a young waitress. His heroism that day sets into motion a chain of events that brings him to the attention of a dangerous and disturbed individual, threatening his career, his own life and the lives of those he holds dear. Obsession: Because sometimes what we think is love is really only madness.

Katie‘s Review

I’m running out of ways to praise Lisa Clark O’Neill and her Southern Comfort series. Obsession was another winner in my book! If you haven’t checked this series out, I really don’t know what you’re waiting for. I own all of the books (shocking, right?) and I gave the first two to my mom, who was looking for something different to read. Four days later, she was badgering me to bring her the next two. When I told her that I was reading and reviewing the fifth, she freaked out! I believe her exact words were, “There’s another one?!” So get on board if you haven’t yet. My mom has even beat you to it! :)

Obsession starts out with a bang – literally! A restaurant shooting starts off the mystery, and the drama doesn’t let up. The feel of this installment is more of a slow simmering burn of suspense that continues throughout the book, getting fueled further as you go along. I loved the way Obsession seemed to bring the series full circle connecting the Wellington family and the Murphy family. It was nice that some of the characters from the previous books returned here, so I could get a glimpse into the previous heroes’ and heroines’ lives and see what they’ve been up to.

Obsession has a lot of qualities of a good mystery novel. It was so well done! I couldn’t figure it out until the very end. There were three different outcomes I could picture, and I switched back and forth between all three scenarios multiple times. I finally had to give in and just finish the book while keeping my mind from trying to figure it all out so I could enjoy the ride.

Justin and Kathleen are a great couple! They were both in previous installments, so they are familiar characters. Kathleen is a feisty homicide cop who can’t sit still. She’s always moving and working and seems to have some trouble opening up in her personal life. She tends to choose safe relationships that she doesn’t really care about so she won’t end up hurt. Justin is one of the hot Wellington brothers! He’s a surgeon, so he’s got a fast-paced lifesaving job as well. He’s a little bit of a romantic, or at least he is when it comes to Kathleen. They’ve been friends for several years and apparently he’s been pining after her for some time now. Their romance was well paced with the suspense aspect of the book – it also seemed to start slow with a simmer that built exponentially as it went on. Some of those moments definitely hit a boil, though! Whew! There are some hot scenes in this one!

While I did really love Kathleen and Justin together, I’m not sure they’ll earn the award for my favorite Southern Comfort couple. Maybe it’s because their personalities are so strong and it took longer for them to get together. They also didn’t seem to have the history that some of the other hero/heroine combos in this series have had. I liked the long-lost love angle, but I just didn’t feel as strongly about them as I have with some of the other couples.

I could have used more closure at the end of this story, too. My mind was being pulled in so many different directions that it needed more time to digest the final events. Everything did wrap up nicely, but it seemed rather abrupt and I just wanted a little more to cool down after the high I was on at the end. That being said, there was no lack in suspense! It was top-notch, as always. Well done, Lisa Clark O’Neill!

Bottom Line

If you like suspense, mystery, romance, or steamy scenes, you’ll love the Southern Comfort series! I recommend reading some of the previous installments so you can get to know the characters a little bit, although it’s not necessary. Obsession would be completely understood as a stand-alone. Seriously, go read it! My mom even beat you to it! :)

Rating: B+ (4½ stars)

Wine/Beverage Pairing: Guinness – dark and filling!

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