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    How to Pack Everything for Moving

    moving-familyIf the house of your dreams is in Oslo, you need to get a specialized mover to get there with all your personal items. However, even if you know what to do to find a moving company, you should also know how to pack all your things for this process. Not everyone can do more than pack everything in several boxed, but the truth is that it’s something that can stress you out.

    Here are some tips and tricks about packing everything for moving, so that you can have a smooth and easy process.

    The Time

    You need to know how much time you have for packing everything, and this depends on when the moving company is supposed to pick everything up. You need to have enough time to be able to sort all your personal items and separate them into categories. If you have just one day, it might be a little harder to get everything done, but it’s not impossible. Make sure that you have at least a week before the moving company comes to your door.

    Get Boxes

    No matter if the mover offers you packing services, you also need to get boxes for storing your personal items. You can find them in different stores, so make sure you get as many as you need. Think about how many smaller things you have that can fit in medium boxes that you can carry by yourself. Depending on your inventory, you need to get medium and big boxes for depositing everything.

    Make a List

    Once you have the boxes, make sure you organize everything easily. To have a natural process, you can create one or several lists and write with a marker on the boxes what they contain. Make sure that the fragile items are packed separately and not with books or with cutlery. You could use paper or cloths to wrap vases or delicate paintings, and place them so that they don’t overturn.

    Write your lists depending on the categories that you have made – for clothes, for books, for personal items, and for everything else that you might have in your house. For each box that you fill, you can write on a piece of paper what it contains and put it inside, and on the box, you can write with a marker a word that describes the general content of it.

    The Furniture

    First of all, you need to store every item that you have in boxes that can be moved quickly. Let the furniture last for dismantling and handling, because you can’t do it alone. When you call for a moving company, ask them if they provide services for dismantling the furniture and packing it. It’s better than to do it alone, because even if it is divided into pieces, it can still be hard to handle, and it needs proper packing.

    The Baggage

    No matter if you move locally or internationally, you will need to have some personal belongings that you can use from the moment you leave your house until you get to your new destination. Make sure you let some clothes and home-imgother things that you need in a suitcase that you can handle easily, especially if you travel for several days on the road.

    This bag should contain items that are useful because it can take between a few hours and a few days until the moving company delivers your items to the new address, especially if you move from another country.

    In the end, it’s important to have everything sorted and stored entirely, as it’s convenient and it’s also easier when you’ll have to unpack at your new location in Oslo.